Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

Foundation of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are beautiful in the beginning. Connecting with someone who understands the person you are. Doing little cute things like finishing your sentence, giving you the last bite of his/her food, and most importantly you both are on the same page. I mean what can go wrong. The feeling of love is in the air.

It’s as if God himself place this person right before you. You wish you can have this feeling forever and it’s possible. Time pass and then life happens. This person is still the apple of your eye but arguments are more frequently. Now you’re starting to see the insecurities.

You starting to feel stress a little because this person suppose to know you. I mean you’ve been together for some time now. Am I right? Now you both feel some type of way because of the disconnect. You both are battling something either internally or externally but haven’t said anything to each other about it. What to do now? If only I had an answer. Well you do. There’s two things that could of prevented any type of negative feelings towards each other or period. 

I call this the template that creates a strong foundation in a relationship. Communication and Trust. You can’t have one without the other. Having the ability to communicate to your significant other goes a long way. Communicating to your significant other eliminates the assumption of “well you should know what/how I’m feeling” because it’s told verbally.

Trust in my opinion is like a credit score. It’s good in the beginning. I mean you have no worries at all. Your qualified to do almost anything you like because you gave no reason for anyone not to trust you. Then life happens, you get irresponsible. Your not doing things you suppose to and that causes your score to drop tremendously. You’re so buried in your poor choices now that you don’t even see the light. 

That’s trust, you have it in the beginning but once it’s gone or you do something to compromise it. It’s hard to regain it. I can’t tell you which one is more important than the other but through my experiences I know that they both play a significant part in building a strong relationship. I can also tell you from experience that communicating frequently builds trust as well. That’s the foundation of a healthy relationship.



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