What’s stopping you?

Goals, goals give you a starting point and a finished point to reach. It helps you to see where you are going and what changes you need to make. It also gives you a sense of hope especially if your progressing towards a prize. Setting goals tells you a lot about yourself and how you prioritize your time. So why do we set them?

We set goals to become the great person we are created to be. I understand there’s a lot of distractions out here that causes us to delay our goals. Stop us from reaching that happiness we all deserve. Reaching goals not only gives us the ambition to create more reachable goals but it gives us internal bliss. It gives us confidence in believing that we can achieve anything if we put our mind and time to it.

It also teaches us patience, discipline and it’s a big morale booster. So why let someone or something get in the way of reaching your happiness? We all deserve it. So my question to you is, what’s stopping you from setting you goal?

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