In my opinion a coach should show vulnerability to his/her clients. My story use to be difficult to tell until I found out what worked for me, and that was communication along with others that I’ll talk about further on down. It took years for me to accept my condition which is PTSD. So when I served in the military, I deployed to Iraq during OIF (operation Iraqi freedom). While over there I’ve experienced things I’ve never could of imagined. I’ve seen dead bodies, lost friends (close friends) just completely out of my element. It left me a broken man that brought back a lot of pain when I returned to the US. I came back a depressed man. But for years I was living like there was nothing wrong with me. Hearing from friends and family that I’ve changed made me look in the mirror. But even when I looked on the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. I was a shell of the person I use to be. I lost my identity. I found myself yelling or getting upset for no reason. My anxiety was high and uncontrollable. I was drinking a lot more. I was not a social person . I was paranoid all the time and loud noises was a trigger for my anxiety. I didn’t know what was going on so I went to get seen for my conditions. My psychiatrist then diagnosed me with PTSD. I was living with this for 5 years now. They put me on medication which I use to this day. They also suggested therapy meetings among other steps to get me back to normal. One thing I did learned from my meetings is that their is no normal, It’s ACCEPTANCE. It’s accepting the person I’ve become and living with it. So I did, I’d accepted who I am and been happy ever since. I found what worked for me and that was communicating how I felt, working out, religion, and staying away from my triggers. Doing those steps made me more healthier, stop drinking like there was no tomorrow, and made me knock down walls I never knew was up. That why I chose to be a life coach because my conditions doesn’t define me. If your a Veteran that experienced any of this , know your not alone. If your anyone male or female experiencing hardship in any part of your life , know you’re not alone. Life gets difficult sometimes And we all need that one person to talk to and that person is me. This is my story.  Thank you for reading

My Passion

I have a passion for numerous things such as: Sports, Cooking, Reading, Spending time with the family, and fitness. One thing I absolutely love is giving advice to anyone that needs it or could use it. I take pride in hearing the ups and downs of someone’s life because I immediately ask myself, how can I help this person? I know I may not have the answer but creating steps to get the answer is just as good. Empowering people to find their passion as well as reach their goals is what I’m really passionate about.

My Goals

My goals are helping you become the great person you are. Educating and creating steps for Mental Health, Improving confidence, relationships, clarifying your values. identifying goals as well as priorities, creating that balance in life, decreasing any stress you may have, and motivating you to reach the goals you set before you.